D.S. Spaulding
Mansfield, MA  c. 1878-1922
Makers of sterling holloware, novelties, and jewelry.
Spaulding & Co.
Chicago, IL  1888-1973  
Founded in 1888 by Henry A. Spaulding when he acquired the business
of N. Matson & Co.  Successor to S. Hoard & Co.  Was owned by Gorham
in the late 1920s to 1943 and went under the name Spaulding-Gorham
during that time.  Well known as a jewelry retailer, Spaulding & Co. also manufactured and retailed sterling
holloware.  Acquired by S.S. Peacock.
James E. Spear
Charleston, SC  c. 1846-1871  
Was in the partnership of Spear & Co. with J. Charles Wood in 1849.
George W. Snyder, Jr.
Paris, KY  1821-1831 and 1845-1848  
Quit the silversmith business in 1831.  Re-entered the occupation in 1845 to
go into business with his son, James C. Snyder as the partnership of J. & G.
Snyder, leaving his son to carry on alone in 1848.  The Snyder family was
best known for making fishing reels.
Isaac Speer
Newark, NJ c. 1838 and Chicago, IL c. 1842-1879  
Was in the partnerships of Speer & Cosper 1852-1853
and I. & E.W. Speer 1861-1879.
Thomas Spear
Bloomfield, NJ 1845-1857 and Columbus, GA 1858-1880  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Spiegelhalder & Werne
Louisville, KY  1836-1858  
A partnership between Ferdinand Spiegelhalder and Joseph Werne, Sr.,
which ended upon Werne's death in 1858.
David Huston Spears
Carpenters' Station, KY c. 1815-1820 and Springfield, KY 1820-1878
Richard Smith
Newark, NJ  1844-1889
Richard Ewing Smith
Louisville, KY  1821-1849  
Was in the partnership of Smith & Grant 1827-1831
and Smith & Kitts 1844-1845.
William Smith
New York, NY  1817-1843
Zebulon Smith
Bangor, ME 1810-1848 and Ellsworth, ME 1849-1865  
Was in the partnerships of Smith & Clapp with Amasa L. Clapp
1834-1835 and later Smith & Skerry with Henry Skerry 1845-1846.
Martin S. Smith / M.S. Smith & Co.
Detroit, MI  1859-1889
Formed M.S. Smith & Co. with brothers Frank G. and
Edward J. Smith in 1864.  Succeeded by Frank G. Smith,
Sons & Co. 1889-1895.
J. & G. Snyder
Paris, KY  1845-1848  
James C. Snyder and father George W. Snyder, Jr.  Marks for this
partnership read both "J. & C. Snyder" and "J. & G. Snyder".
1897 Spaulding & Co. Advertisement
1884 M.S. Smith & Co Advertisement
Smith to Spiegelhalder
Smith to Spiegelhalder
A. Solowij   See Alexandra Solowij Watkins
A.M. Soffel Co.
Newark, NJ  c. 1920-1930
Spear & Jones
Savannah, GA  c. 1841
Simeon Soumaine
New York, NY  c. 1719-1750
1854 James E. Spear Advertisement
1884 Rest Fenner Smith & Co. Advertisement
Rest Fenner Smith & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1880-c. 1905
Makers of gold and sterling mounted walking sticks.
Jeremiah Snow IV  (b. 1764)
Amherst and Williamsburg, MA  c. 1806-1809
Speer & Cosper
Chicago, IL  1852-1853
Alexander L. Spear
Baltimore, MD  1850-1891  
Was in the partnership of Reeves & Spear in 1851.
Samuel Smith
Philadelphia, PA  1845-1846
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Nathaniel W. Smith
Columbus, OH 1814, 1823, and 1852-1850; Pittsburgh, PA
1818-1819; Wheeling, WV 1829-1832 and 1838-1839;
Parkersburg, WV 1841; Clarksburg, WV 1846; Clintonville, IL
(now Clinton) c. 1858-1860; Fort Scott, KS 1860; and Mattoon, IL c. 1870
Was in the partnership of Smith & Park with John Park in 1819.  Silversmith and watchmaker.
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