Smith & Sill
Middletown, CT  1825-1831  
Lawrence B. Smith Co. / LBS Co.
Boston, MA  1887-c. 1958  
Makers of sterling and silverplated flatware and silverplate
holloware.  The marks to the right were found on silverplate
items.  Went out of business around 1958.
The Frank W. Smith Silver Co.
Gardner, MA  1886-1958  
Frank Smith was the grandson of William Durgin and
worked with him in Concord, NH.  Smith went on to
establish his own company.  Makers of a full line of
sterling flatware and holloware, their dies were sold
to Towle and the company was sold to Webster Silver Co.  
flatware patterns.
David Smith
Philadelphia, PA 1778-1787 and Lansingburg, NY  1787-1793
Smith & Chamberlain
Salem, MA  1840-1871  
James Ford Smith and Benjamin Chamberlain.
Smith & Grant
Louisville, KY  1827-1831
Smith & Smith
Attleboro, MA
Purchased by Wallace in 1958.  Maker of sterling cigar boxes and novelties.
John Leonard Smith
Syracuse, NY  1851-1880
John M. Smith
Nashville, TN  c. 1834-1835
Smith & Chitry
Owego, NY  c. 1840  
Francis Smith with an unidentified partner.
Floyd Smith
New York, NY  1815-1834
1949 Frank Smith Advertisement
Joseph Smith
Boston, MA  c. 1788-1789
D.A. Smith
St. Louis, MO c. 1839 and
Carthage, MO  1846
Smith to Smith
Smith to Smith
Smith Metal Arts Co.
Buffalo, NY  1919-Present  
Founded by Heintz Art Metal Shop employee Fred Smith and others in
direct competition with their former employer.  Made sterling mounted
bronze items in the 1920s under the brand name Silver Crest.
Art Smith  (1917-1982)
New York, NY  c. 1940- c. 1980  
Modernist studio jeweler.  
Smith & Boerner
Cincinnati, OH  1861-1863  
Harry R. Smith and Charles G. Boerner, Jr., successor
to Beggs & Smith.
Alvin Smith
Port Chester, NY and
Bedford, NY c. 1840-1846
Christian Smith
Philadelphia, PA  1820-1833
1842 Smith & Chamberlain Advertisement
Frederick H. Smith
Philadelphia, PA  1833-1853
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