Sigourney & Hitchcock
Watertown, NY  1850
William H. Sigourney and ? Hitchcock.
Henry Silverthorn
Baltimore, MD 1835-1837; Lynchburg, VA 1837-1896;
a branch location operated in Roanoke, VA 1889-1893
Silverthorn was involved in a number of partnerships:
Silverthorn & Victor with Edward W. Victor 1844 and 1848-1849
Silverthorn & Fisher with Charles F. Fisher in 1847 and again in 1849
H. Silverthorn & Co. with Charles C. Nuitz in 1854
Silverthorn & Clift with Josiah Clift 1856-1861
Succeeded by H. Silverthorn's Sons in 1896.
Silver State Silver
Sparks, NV  c. 1967-2006
Founded by Phil Nielsen.  Makers of western style silver items.
Victor Siedman Mfg. Co.
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1920-1934  
Makers of sterling holloware, especially candlesticks.
1897 F.W. Sim & Co. Ad
Silverthorn & Clift
Lynchburg, VA  1856-1861
Henry Silvethorn and Josiah Clift.
Silvercraft Co., Inc.
Boston, MA  1950-1975  
Acquired by Raimond Mfg. Co.
F.W. Sim & Co.
Troy, NY  1888-c. 1900
Makers of sterling souvenir spoons and novelties.
Succeede by Sim, Peirsons & Co.
Shreve, Stanwood & Co.
Boston, MA  1862-1869  
Benjamin Shreve and Henry B. Stanwood.  Successor to Shreve, Brown & Co.  
Became Shreve, Crump & Low Co. in 1869.
Shreve, Crump & Low Co.
Boston, MA  1869-Present
Jewelry and silver retailer with roots back to 1796 with silversmith
John McFarlane.
Shreve, Treat & Eacret
San Francisco, CA  1912-1941  
George R. Shreve, Walter Treat, and Godfrey Eacret.  Silversmiths and
jewelers.  Bought by Granat Bros.
Shreve, Brown & Co.
Boston, MA  1858-1862  
Successor to Jones, Shreve, Brown & Co.
Clark Sibley
New Haven, CT  c. 1800-1807  
Was in the partnership of Sibley & Marble with Simeon Marble 1801-1806.
Oscar Easterly Sibley
Canadaigua, NY 1835-1846 and Buffalo, NY 1846-1876
Was in the partnership of Sibley & Adams with Nathaniel W. Adams 1846-1848.
1957 Shreve, Crump & Low Advertisement
Shreve to Sim
Shreve to Sim
Frederick Sill
New York, NY  1840-1847
Was in the partnership of M. & F. Sill 1840-1843.
Silver Cloud, Inc.
Albuquerque, MN  c. 1970-Present
Primarily Native American style jewelry manufacturers.
Sibley & Marble
New Haven, CT  1801-1806
Clark Sibley and Simeon Marble.
Thomas H. Shriver
Philadelphia, PA  1837-1843
In the partnership of Baker & Shriver 1838-1842.
George C. Shreve & Co. / Shreve & Co.
San Francisco, CA  1852-Present
Founded by brothers George Choate Shreve as a
jewelry business.  No silver work was done until about
1882 when they began producing sterling holloware;
flatware production began in 1904.  Acquired
W.K. Vanderslice & Co. in 1908.  Makers and retailers
of quality sterling flatware, holloware, and jewelry.  Some
flatware patterns have been made for Shreve by Old Newbury
Crafters.  The bee mark at right was used from 1883 to 1909, and the bell mark was used from 1909 to
bell mark was used from 1909 to about 1922.  See
flatware patterns.
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Asa Sibley
Woodstock, VT c. 1787; Walpole, NH c. 1799-1820; and
Rochester, NY c. 1820-1827
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Silver Crest   See Smith Metal Arts Co.  
William H. Sigourney
Watertown, NY  1838-c. 1865  
In the partnerships of Sigourney & Turner with Alonzo B. Turner 1838-1839 and
again 1841-1842; W.H. & A.P. Sigourney with Alanson P. Sigourney 1839-1840; Sigourney & Hitchcock in
1850; W.H. Sigourney & Co. c. 1851-1852; and Sigourney & Flower with Roswell P. Flower (who would go
on to become governor of New York) 1861-1865.