Sheffield Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1908-Present  
Primarily silverplate wares, some sterling.  Acquired by Farber Bros. in
1935 then by Reed & Barton in 1973.
Charles C. Shaver
Utica, NY  1854-1900  
Silverware manufacturer.
James S. Sharrard
Georgetown, KY 1838-1839; Paris, KY 1840; Shelbyville, KY  
1841-1856; Henderson, KY 1859-1863; and Louisville, KY 1863-1880
George B. Sharp
Philadelphia, PA  1844-1874
Sharp produced exclusively for Bailey & Co. 1852-1866.
Joseph Shoemaker
Philadelphia, PA  1793-1829
Nathaniel Shipman
Preston, CT and Norwich, CT  1785-c. 1800
Silversmith, jeweler, clock and watchmaker.
George W. Shiebler & Co.
New York, NY  1876-1907
Acquired the flatware dies of Albert Coles, Henry
Hebbard, John Polhamus and others in addition to
making their own patterns.  Makers of quality sterling
flatware, holloware, novelties, and souvenir spoons.  See
flatware patterns.
Shepard Manufacturing Co.
Melrose Highlands, MA  1893-1923  
Founded by Chester Shepard and his son Chester Burdelle Shepard.  
Makers of sterling flatware, souvenir spoons, and novelties.
John Allen Shaw
Newport, RI  c. 1795-1819
Was a partner with Nicholas Geffroy in the business of
John A. Shaw & Co. c. 1802.
Thomas Jefferson Shepard, Sr.  (b. 1801  d. 1875)
Georgetown, KY  1822-1827 and 1831-1875 and
Louisville, KY 1828-1831
John Shaw / J. Shaw & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1835-1852
Was in the partnership of
J. Shaw & Co. 1842-1852.
George Sharp, Jr.
Danville, KY 1857-1864 and Atlanta, GA 1864-1877
In the firm of Sharp & Floyd 1871-1872.
Shoemaker, Pickering & Co.
Newark, NJ  1888-1915  
Mark identical to that of
Frank Kursh & Son Co.
Thomas Shields
Philadelphia, PA  1765-1794
Michael Shaver
Abingdon, VA  1801-1856
1876 George Sharp Jr. Ad
1871 Sharp & Floyd Ad
Sharp & Floyd
Atlanta, GA  1871-1872
George Sharp, Jr. and Eugene B. Floyd.
Alpheus Xavier Francis Shepard
Georgetown, KY  1813-1831
Sharp to Shoemaker
Sharp to Shoemaker
Abraham Shire
Cincinnati, OH 1858-1862 and Paris, KY 1865-1906
Succeeded by Shire & Fithian.
Sherwood & Whatley
Chicago, IL  1849-1854
Smith Jones Sherwood and Eli Whatley.
Daniel C. Sharp
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1861-1869
In the partnersip of Daniel C. Sharp & Co. with Henry Harper
and Philip Stahl 1868-1869.
William M. Sharrard
Henderson and Harrodsburg, KY 1859-1870 and
Princton, KY  1876-1883
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Shepherd & Boyd
Albany, NY  1806-1830  
A partnership between Robert Shepherd and William Boyd.
Shaw & Dunlevy
Philadelphia, PA  1833
Lucien C. Shellabarger  (1868-1943)
Decatur, IL  1920s-1940s
Shellabarger was a miller by trade; he did
metalworking as a hobby.
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