Joseph Seymour Manufacturing Co.
Syracuse, NY  1898-1905
Successor to Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co.  See
Makers of sterling flatware.  See
flatware patterns.
Seymour & Lindsley
Hartford, CT  1854-1856  
Henry P. Seymour & Clark Lindsley.
Seymour & Hollister
Hartford, CT  1843-1846
A partnership of Oliver D. Seymour and
Julius Hollister.
Philip B. Segee
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1845-1906
Karl Sedlacek / Sedlacek & Co.
Los Angeles, CA  1918-c. 1940
Scovil, Willey & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1836-1837
Pulaski Scovil and Bushnell Willey.
Scovil & Kinsey
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1834-1836  
Pulaski Scovil and Edward Kinsey.
Scovil & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1833-1837  
Pulaski Scovil.
Oliver DeWitt Seymour
Hartford, CT  1843-1852
Was in the partnerships of Seymour & Hollister with Julius Hollister  
Joseph Seymour / Joseph Seymour & Co.
Syracuse, NY   See chronology.
William Senter / W. Senter & Co.
Portland, ME  1836-1888
Was in the partnership of Lowell & Senter 1836-1869.  Operated
under the business name of William Senter & Co. 1874-1888 (his nephew continuing to operate as
William Senter & Co. until 1926).
H. Sears & Son
Chicago, IL  1865-1895  
Primarily a cutlery manufacturer, they also made some sterling and
silverplate flatware.
William Seal
Philadelphia, PA  1810-1822  
Was in the partnership of Browne & Seal with Liberty Browne 1810-1813 and
Seal & McMullin with John McMullin c. 1814-1815.
George Sehorn
Athens, TN  1823-1843
Henry Phelps Seymour
Hartford, CT  1854-1858
In the partnership of Seymour & Lindsley 1854-1856.
Joseph Selph
Fayetteville, NC  c. 1807-1838  
In the partnerships of Selph & Tisdale with William Tisdale II c. 1820,
Selph & Campbell with John Campbell 1827-1829, and Selph & Pyle
with Benjamin Pyle II 1837-1838.
Scovills & Buckingham
Oakville, CT  1840-1850
J.M.L. Scovill, L.M. Scovill, and John Buckingham.  
A subsidiary of the Scovills & Co. of Waterbury, CT.  
Pulaski Scovil (Scoville)
Brockport, NY 1831; Geneva, NY 1831-1832; Cincinnati, OH 1832-1837
In the partnerships of:
Scovil & Co. c. 1836
Scovil & Willey in 1836
Scovil & Kinsey in 1836
Scovil, Willey & Co. 1836-1837
1891 Joseph Seymour, Sons, & Co. Ad
Scovil to Seymour
Seib & Ankeny
Richmond, IN  c. 1867-1869  
? Seib and Charles H. Ankeny.
Joseph Seymour, Sons & Co.
Syracuse, NY  1882-1898  See chronology.
Henry Semken
Washington, DC  1855-1889
Silversmith and jeweler.
Russell Secrest
Rochester, NY  1950s-1960s  
Attended the Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Craftsmen.  
Made modernist sculptures and jewelery, selling through Shop One.  Also designed
public art sculputres.
Pliny Sexton
Palmyra, NY  1819-1820
Seal & McMullin
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1814-1815
William Seal, Jr. and John McMullin.
Scovil to Seymour
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Joseph Seymour & Son / Joseph Seymour & Sons
Syracuse, NY  See chronology.