Scharling & Co.
Newark, NJ  1892-c. 1950
Founded by John H. Scharling and Joseph W. Haythorn.  
Makers of sterling holloware, vanity items, novelties and jewelry.
John A. Schanck (Schenck)
New York, NY 1795-1798
Ernst Schall / Ernst Schall Co.
Hartford, CT  1861-1906
Expanded with several partners under the name of Ernst Schall Co.
1892-1906.  Primarily jewelers; made some souvenir spoons.
Garret Schanck
New York, NY  c. 1791-1795  
In the partnership of Van Voorhees & Schanck with
Daniel Van Voorhees c. 1791-1793.
Nicholas Schelnin Co.
New York, NY  c. 1904-1908
Mark J. Scearce / Wakefield-Scearce Gallery
Shelbyville, KY  1947-Present  
Dealers in fine antiques and makers of sterling julep cups and trophies.  
Their sterling items are marked with the initials of the U.S. president
in office at the time the item is made.  
Henderson I. Sawyer
New York, NY c. 1840 and Hartford, CT  c. 1845-1858
Amos Sawyer
Salem, MA  c. 1795-1851
Sayre & Richards
New York, NY  1802-1813  
A partnership between John Sayre and Thomas Richards.  
The larger mark at right is unusual as it is both partners'
initials instead of their S&R mark.
Paul Sayre
Southampton, NY  1780-1800
John Sayre
New York, NY  1796-1822
In the partnership of Sayre & Richards with Thomas Richards 1802-1813.
Joel Sayre
Southampton, NY 1798-1801 and
New York, NY 1802-1818
John Y. Savage
Raleigh, NC 1818-1826; Salisbury, NC c. 1823;
Richmond, VA c. 1829-1832; and New York, NY 1839-c. 1860
Was in the partnerships of Savage & Stedman with John C. Stedman
1819-1820 and Savage & Kunsman with Henry Kunsman 1823-1824.  Silversmith, watchmaker, and dentist.
Saufkie to Schimper
Saufkie to Schimper
Lawrence Saufkie
Shungopavi, AZ  c. 1964-Present  
Highly regarded Hopi silversmith.
William Savage
Glasgow, KY 1805 and 1808-1813 and Liberty, VA 1808
Schaezlein & Burridge
San Francisco, CA  1888-1906
1891 Ernst Schall Ad
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Jacob Schaffer
Washington, PA  c. 1793-1850
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William Schimper & Co.
New York, NY c. 1884-1890 and Hoboken, NJ 1890-1927
Began as brass goods manufacturers, adding sterling and silverplate
novelties in the early 1890s.