Syracuse Silver Mfg. Co.
Syracuse, NY  1895-1897
Succeeded A.B. Schreuder Co.  Founded by Benjamin Lesser,
Simon Lesser, and S. Harry Lesser.  Acquired Hotchkiss &
Schreuder in 1895.  Makers of sterling novelties.
Moses Moody Swan
Augusta, ME 1840-1879 and Boston, MA 1881-1885
Was in partnership of B. & M.M. Swan 1840-1865.
B. & M.M. Swan
Augusta, ME  1840-1865
A partnership between Benjamin Swan and his son
Moses Moody Swan.
Arthur Stuart Co.
Albuquerque, NM  1949-1960
Marketed seven Amston Silver Co. patterns directly
to the consumer.
The Sweetser Co.
New York, NY  c. 1900-1915
George Washington Striker
New York, NY  1825-1835
Philip Syng, Jr.  (b. 1703  d. 1789)
Philadelphia, PA  1726-1772
Robert Swan
Philadelphia, PA 1799-1817
Henry D. Sumner
East Hartford, CT  c. 1820-1830
William James Styles
Rhineback, NY  c. 1823
Robert Sturm
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1905-1935  
Maker of handwrought items in the Arts & Crafts style.
Benjamin Swan
Augusta, ME  1815-1865
Was in the partnership of B. & M.M. Swan with son
Benjamin Moody Swan 1840-1865.
Dwight Foster Stow
New York, NY c. 1832 and Toledo, OH c. 184-1853
Swift & Fisher
North Attleboro, MA  c. 1915-Present  
Founded by Joseph H. Swift and Harry W. Fisher.  Makers of religious articles.
Tobias Stoutenburg
New York, NY  c. 1730-1759
Cornelius D. Sullivan / C.D. Sullivan & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1842-1862
Worked as C.D. Sullivan & Co. 1845-1862.
Enoch Sullivan
Alexandria, VA 1797; Richmond, VA 1798-1809 and 1814-1817;
and Petersburg, VA in 1810
Was in the partnership of Sullivan & Brown with Edward Brown c. 1814.
Supreme Slver Co.
New York, NY  c. 1930-1935
Stoutenberg to Syracuse
William C. Swift
Cincinnati, OH  1836-1865
John Stow
Wilmington, DE  c. 1772-1782
Levi Sugars
Decatur, AL 1842-1872
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Thomas Stuart
Philadelphia, PA  1839-1860
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Stoutenberg to Syracuse
Philip Syng  (b. 1676  d. 1739)
Philadelphia, PA 1714-1723; Cape May, NJ 1724-1728; and
Annapolis, MD 1730-1739
John Sweeney
Geneva, NY  1809-1827
Was in the partnership of Giffing & Sweeney 1809-1814.