T. Steele & Co.
Hartford, CT  1858-1866  
Thomas Steele and Dwight H. Buell.
The Sterling Silver Manufacturing Co.
Providence, RI  1909-1932  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and souvenir spoons.  
Their flatware dies were acquired by the Saart Bros. Co.  
flatware patterns.
Haldor S. Steen
Rochester, NY 1844-1850 and Honolulu, HI c. 1859-1860
Stevens & Lakeman
Salem, MA  1819-1830  
A partnership between John Stevens and Ebenezer K. Lakeman.
George W. Stewart
Lexington, KY  1843-1852
T. Steele & Son
Hartford, CT  1866-1887
Thomas Steele and son Thomas Sedgwick Steele, who continued
with the same business name after his father's death in 1875.
John Stewart
New York, NY c. 1790-1791 and Baltimore, MD c. 1810
Joseph Lawrence Stephens
Paris, KY  1827-c. 1830
Stebbins & Howe
New York, NY  1827-1831
Edwin Stebbins and George C. Howe.
Stebbins & Co.
New York, NY  1845-1856  
William Stebbins and Alexander Rumrill, Jr.
E. Stebbins & Co.
New York, NY  1835-1845
Edwin Stebbins.
Thomas E. Stebbins / Thomas E. Stebbins & Co.
New York, NY  1827-c. 1835  
Was in the partnership of Thomas E. Stebbins & Co. c. 1835.
Stern Bros. & Co.
New York, NY
Founded by Nathan Stern and his sons Leopold and Isador Stern in
1871.  In 1912 the company split off into two separate companies:  
Stern Bros. & Co. which handled diamond cutting and Goldsmith,
Stern & Co. which carried on the thimble and jewelry manufacturing business.  The Stern Bros. anchor
mark was used by Goldsmith, Stern & Co. after the split.
John Cooper Stedman
Raleigh, NC  1819-1833  
In the partnership of Savage & Stedman with
John Y. Savage 1819-1820.
Henry Steig
New York, NY and Provincetown, MA  1950s-1973  
Modernist studio jeweler.
Gotthelf Stephanis (George Stevens)
Shelburne and Halifax, Nova Scotia 1784-1787; New York, NY 1787-1799  
1899 Stern Bros. & Co. Ad
Sterling Silver Souvenir Co.
Boston, MA  c. 1890-c. 1915  
Makers of souvenir spoons.
Phineas Stevens
Kennebunk, ME  1813-1860
Stebbins to Stewart
Stebbins to Stewart
Louis Stern & Co.
Providence, RI  1898-1950  
Wilhelmina P. Stephan
Cleveland, OH  c. 1905-c. 1930  
Member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.
Charles G. Stewart
Charleston, VA (now WV)  1820-1864
Was in the partnership of Charls G. Stewart & Son with his son
George L. Stewart 1847-1849.
Oliver C. Steele
Richmond, KY  1830-1840
George W. Stevens & Co.
Chicago, IL  1856-1862
Steele & Crocker
Hartford, CT  1836-1844
Thomas Steele and Horace B. Crocker.
John Stevenson
Pittsburgh, PA  1847-1874
In the partnerships of John Stevenson & Son 1866-1868 and
John Stevenson's Sons & Co. 1868-1874.
c. 1891 Sterling Silver Souvernir Co. Ad
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James P. Steele
Rochester, NY  1835-1880  
Was in the partnerships of Steele & Hocknell with
Geeorge Hocknell 1834-1835 and Steele & Crocker
with John G. Crocker 1835-1838.
Thomas Steele  (b. 1812  d. 1875)
Boston, MA and Hartford, CT  1837-1875  
Was in the firms of Steele & Crocker with Horace B. Crocker
1836-1844; T. Steele & Co. with Dwight H. Buell 1858-1866; and
T. Steele & Son with T. Sedgwick Steele 1866-1875.  Silversmith, watchmaker and jeweler.