Harvey Sadd
New Hartford, CT 1798-1801; Hartford, CT 1801-1806 (working for Miles Beach);
Stockbridge, MA 1807-1829; and Austinburg, OH 1829-1840
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Sackett, Davis & Co.
Providence, RI and Boston, MA  1856-1886  
Founded by Adnah Sackett.  Silversmiths and
manufacturing jewelers.
Sackett & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1893-1903
Started business upon acquisition of the manufacturing
division of Mead & Robbins.
W.H. Saart Co. / Saart Bros. Co.
Attleboro, MA  1905-c. 1985
Founded by William H. Saart with his brothers Albert and
Herman Saart.  Acquired the dies of the Sterling Silver
Manufacturing Co. in the early 1900s.  Incorporated as the
Saart Bros. Co. in 1916.  Saart Bros. made sterling flatware
up until the 1930s then continued to make sterling holloware
and vanity items.  See
flatware patterns.
Henry Salisbury / Salisbury & Co.
New York, NY  1831-1855  
Working as Salisbury & Co. c. 1838-1854 and
H. Salisbury & Son c. 1855.  His son, Henry
Salisbury, Jr., also had a partnership by the
name of H. Salisbury & Co. 1857-1865.
Henry Harry Safford
Gallipolis, OH; Marietta, OH; Zanesville, OH  1800-1812
Phlip B. Sadtler
Baltimore, MD  1800-1860  
Was in the partnership of Sadtler & Pfaltz 1800-1806 with John William
Pfaltz.  Served as a captain in the War of 1812 commanding the Baltimore
Yagers Company.  Partnered with his sons in the firm of Philip B. Sadtler &
Sons from 1837 until his death in 1860.
P.B. Sadtler & Sons
Baltimore, MD  1837-1872
Philip Benjamin Sadtler and his sons George T.
and John P. Sadtler.
Amos Sanborn / A. Sanborn & Co.
Lowell, MA  1849-1872
Was a partner in the firm of A. Sanborn & Co. with
Horace B. Bacon 1866-1872, the business continuing
after his death until 1875.
Thomas Sargeant
Springfield, MA  1795-1821
Succeeded by his son, Henry Sargeant.
Jacob Sargeant
Mansfield, CT 1784-1789; Springfield, MA 1790-1795;
and Hartford, CT 1795-1843  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Henry Sargeant
Springfield, MA  1821-1853
Succeeded his father, Thomas Sargeant.
Gould St. John
Saratoga Springs, NY c. 1815 and Sing Sing, NY c. 1817  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Charles Grandison St. John
Saratoga Springs, NY 1834 and Macon, GA 1834-1846
1908 W.H. Saart Co. Ad
Sandland, Capron & Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1876-1909  
Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware and vanity items.
Saart to Sargeant
Saart to Sargeant
Saben Glass Company
New York, NY  
Glassware manufacturer; they made sterling goods from 1949 to c. 1960.
Robert Sanderson  (b. 1608  d. 1693)
Hampton, NH c. 1639-1640; Watertown, MA c. 1642-1652 and Boston, MA  1653-1693  
Was in the partnership of Hull & Sanderson with John Hull 1652-1683.
Edward San Giovanni
Ridgefield, CT  c. 1937-1949  Became associated with Ridgefield
Silversmiths c. 1949.
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