Robert Rait
New York, NY  1835-1867  
In the firm of Robert Rait & Co. 1857-1862
Silversmith, jeweler, and retailer.
Raimond Silver Mfg. Co.
Chelsea, MA  1960s-1970s  
Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware and novelties.  
Acquired W. & S. Blackington Co. in 1966.  See
flatware patterns.
T.W. Radcliffe & Co.
Columbia, SC  1852-1855
Founded by Thomas W. Radcliff.
The Randahl Shop
Park Ridge and Chicago, IL  1901-1965
Founded by Julias Olaf Randahl who had previously worked
for Gorham, Tiffany & Co., and the Kalo Shop.  Acquired
Cellini Craft in 1957.  Makers of handwrought sterling
holloware, many of their earlier works being predominantly
in the Arts & Crafts style.  Acquired by Reed & Barton in 1965.
Rand & Crane
Boston, MA  1886-1926
Successor to C.W. Kennard & Co.  Primarily a retailer,
they made a few lines of sterling flatware.
Joseph Volney Randall
Burlington, VT  1846-1854  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Radcliff & Gugnard
Columbia, SC  1855-1858  
Thomas W. Radcliffe and James S. Guignard.
Radke & Co.
San Francisco, CA  1899-1927  
Makers of handwrought sterling holloware.
Thomas W. Radcliffe
Columbia, SC 1827-1833 and c. 1848-1870 and Camden, SC c. 1833  
Was in the partnership of Glaze & Radcliffe 1848-1851 with William
Glaze and later Radcliffe & Guignard 1855-1858.  Operated under the
name of T.W. Radcliffe & Co. 1852-1855.  Radcliffe died in 1870, and
his business was continued by his son Thomas Radcliffe, Jr. and a friend
Richard Davis until 1897 when it was succeeded by Sylvan Bros.
William D. Rapp
Philadelphia, PA  1828-1858
Myrick O. Randall
Woodstock, VT 1842-1843 and Sweden, NY c. 1845-1886  
In the partnership of N.O. & N. Randall with Nathaniel Randall
Joseph Rafel
Cincinnati, OH 1842 and New Orleans, LA c. 1850-1862  
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
Ramsey & Bro.
Louisville, KY  1855-1858  
Milton C. Ramsey and Preston W. Ramsey.
1908 C. Ray Randall & Co. Ad
C. Ray Randall & Co.
North Attleboro, MA  c. 1908-1988  
Manufacturing jeweler; also made small sterling novelties.
Radcliffe To Rapp
Radcliffe To Rapp
Ranger & Thompson
Brattleboro, VT  1876-1895  
Bethuel Ranger and Henry H. Thompson.
William T. Rae
New York, NY  1856-1906
Silversmith and jeweler.
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