Marquand & Bro. / Marquand & Bros.
New York, NY  1830-1833  
Founded by Frederick and Cornelius P. Marquand.  Became Marquand & Bros. with
the addition of Josiah P. Marquand in 1831.  Succeeded by Marquand & Co. in 1933.
Makers and retailers.
Marcus & Co.
New York, NY  1892-1962
One of the successors of Starr & Marcus.  Makers of
sterling holloware, novelties and jewelry.
William Mannerback
Reading, PA  c. 1785-1838
Manchester Silver Co.
Providence, RI  1887-1985  
Founded by William H. Manchester as W.H. Manchester & Co.
Acquired the dies of Richard Dimes Co. in the 1950s.  Dies
acquired by Boardman in 1985.  Makers of sterling flatware
and holloware.  See
flatware patterns.
Erik Magnussen
Noted Danish designer and silversmith who worked for The Gorham Co. 1925-1929.  
He had his own shop in Chicago, IL in 1932 and then in Los Angeles, CA, 1932 to 1938.  
Magnussen returned to Denmark in 1939.
Marquand & Co.
New York, NY  1833-1839
Founded by Frederick Marquand, Josiah P. Marquand, William Black,
and Henry Ball.  Erasuts O. Tompkins and J. Douglass Williams joined
the firm c. 1836.  Succeeded by Ball, Tompkins & Black.  Silversmiths and jewelers.
Levan Mannerback
Reading, PA  1825-1870
J. Stuart MacDonald
Baltimore, MD  1870 and 1879-1921
Mandalian Manufacturing Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1922-1935  
Successor to Mandalian & Hawkins.  The mark used at right is found
on their silverplate items.  Mandalian's sterling mark is an M in a
diamond.  Makers of mesh bags.
M & M Silversmiths
Los Angeles, CA  1924-1940s
Winchester, MA  c. 1950-1980s
Name of studio operated by William Mace and Leonard Field, modernist jewelers.
1934 Manchester Silver Co. Advertisement
Henry Mahler
Raleigh, NC  c. 1854-1895
Silversmith and jeweler.
Charles A. Mann
Springfield, MA  1842-1849
Maisel's Indian Trading Post
Albuquerque, NM  c. 1931-1960's  
Founded by Morris Maisel who sold the works of Native Americans
who worked on the premises.  Maisel's reopened in the 1980's as a
retailer of local Navajo silver.
Simeon Marble
New Haven, CT  1800-1822  
In the partnership of Sibley & Marble with Clark Sibley 1801-1806.
M to Marquand
Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss Co.
Wallingford, CT  1880-1896
Founded by Chapman Maltby, Elizur S. Stevens, and John Curtiss.  
Successor to Maltby, Stevens & Co.  Purchased Hall, Elton & Co.
in 1890 and began manufacturing at that time.  Acquired by Watrous
Mfg. Co.
William J. Marks
Pittsburg, PA 1839-1845; Allegheny City, PA 1845-1850; and
Wheeling, VA (now WV) 1855-1860
Silversmith, clockmaker, watchmaker, and jeweler.
c. 1900 J.S. MacDonald Co. Advertisement
H. Mahler's Sons
Raleigh, NC  1896-1932  
Upon Henry Mahler's death in 1895, his business was continued by two of
his sons, Louis A. and Frederick W. Mahler.  They continued to operate
under the name H. Mahler until they formed H. Mahler's Sons in 1896.  The
firm went bankrupt in 1932.  Silversmiths and jewelers.
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Frederick Marquand
Savannah, GA 1820-1826 and New York, NY 1826-1839  
Son of Isaac Marquand.  In the partnerships of J. Penfield & Co.
1820-1826; Marquand & Bro 1830-1831; Marquand & Bros. 1831-1833;
and Marquand & Co. 1833-1839.
M to Marquand
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Louis H. Markowitz
New York, NY  c. 1919-1922
Manufacturing jeweler.