Jabez Choate Lord
New York, NY  1822-1835
In the firm of Lord & Smith with George Smith 1822-1829.
Warham P. Loomis
Frankfort, KY  1817-1870
In the partnership of Treat & Loomis in 1817 and then Loomis &
Ralph with Samuel Ralph c. 1819.
Benjamin Lord  (b. 1770  d. 1843)
Pittsfield, MA 1796; Rutland, VT 1797-1830; and
Athens, GA  1831-1843  
In the partnership of Lord & Goddard with Nicholas Goddard 1797-1808.
Guy Loomis / G. Loomis & Co.
Sheffield, MA 1816-1837 and Erie, PA 1837-1874  
Operated under the name of G. Loomis & Co. 1847-1853.
Thomas Long Co.
Boston, MA  1878-Present  
Best known as Long's Jewelers, they produced sterling flatware and
holloware in the 1930s to 1950s, using the trademark name Longcraft
beginning in 1946.
William Long
Philadelphia, PA  1807-1822
Robert M. Long
Buffalo, NY  1832-1837
Henry Longley
New York, NY  c. 1810
Alfred Lockwood (b. 1797  d. 1844)
New York, NY   1817-1844  
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
P.H. Locklin & Sons
New York, NY  1892-1930  
Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.
Jonathan L. Locke
Titusville, PA  1950-1968  
Acquired shop from Joel F. Hewes upon Hewes' retirement.  Maker of handwrought
sterling holloware.
Barthelemy Edward Lombard
Charleston, SC  1828-1830
V. Lollo
New York, NY  1895-1950s
Adam Logan
New York, NY  c. 1803-1833
Francis H. Lockwood
New York, NY  1836-1854 and 1875-1892
Was in the partnership of Lockwood & Jennings with
Oscar S. Jennings 1837-1838.
Locke to Low
Locke to Low
Joseph Loring
Boston, MA  c. 1764-1815
Robert Lovett
Philadelphia, PA 1818-1824 and New York, NY 1824-1874
John J. Low
Boston, MA and Salem, MA  1820-1853
Involved with a number of important firms:
Putnam & Low with Edward Putnam 1822-1828.
John J. Low & Co. 1828-1835.
Lows, Ball & Co. 1835-1841 which became Lows, Ball & Poor 1842-1846.
Daniel Low
Salem, MA  1867-1911
Maker and retailer of sterling vanity items, novelties, and jewelry.  
Designed the
Salem Witch Spoon, which launched the souvenir spoon
collecting industry in the U.S.  Founded Daniel Low & Co. in 1896
(see below).
John J. Low & Co.
Boston, MA  1828-1835  
John J. Low and Francis Low.
1907 Daniel Low Christmas Ad
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Daniel Low & Co.
Salem, MA  1896-1995
Founded by Daniel Low and his son Seth F. Low.
Elpalet Loring
Barnstable, MA  c. 1761-1768