Jacob George Lewis Libby  (1797-1847)
Boston, MA 1818-1847 and Richmond, VA 1820
Silversmith and jeweler.
Paul Lobel
New York, NY  1940-1970s  
Known primarily for modernist jewelery, Lobel also created sterling holloware and
small items.
William Linker
Philadelphia, PA  1906-c. 1915  
Maker of sterling flatware, holloware and novelties.
William Link Co.
Newark, NJ  1910-1931
Business formed upon the death of William Link c. 1911.
Link & Angell
Newark, NJ  1898-1933
Successor to Link, Angell & Weiss.  
Link, Angell & Weiss
Newark, NJ  1893-1898  
Founded by William Link.  Makers of small sterling items and jewelry.  
Succeeded by Link & Angell.
Lincoln & Reed
Boston, MA  1838-1848
A partnership between Albert L. Lincoln and Gideon F.T. Reed.
Lincoln & Foss
Boston, MA  1848-1857
Partnership of Albert L. Lincoln and Charles M. Foss.  
Successors to Lincoln & Reed.
W.A. Lloyd
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1810
Clark Lindsley
Hartford, CT  1849-1859
In the partnership of Seymour & Lindsley 1854-1856.
John Ayer L'Hommedieu
Mobile, AL  1837-1868
In the firm of L'Hommedieu Brothers 1837-1849.
Samuel Lewis
Washington, DC  1840-1880
Isaac Lewis
Huntington, CT c. 1796 and Ridgefield, CT 1809-1815
Harvey Lewis
Philadelphia, PA  1802-1827  
Was in the partnership of
Lewis & Smith 1805-1811.
Lewis & Smith
Philadelphia, PA  1805-1811  
Partnership between Harvey Lewis and Joseph D. Smith.
Lewis Bros.
New York, NY  1885-1909  
Makers of sterling novelty items.
Esther Lewittes
Los Angeles, CA  1950s-1960s  
Modernist studio jeweler.
L'Hommedieu Brothers
Mobile, AL  1837-1849
John A. and William L'Hommedieu.
Elijah Lincoln
Hingham, MA  c. 1818-1833
Lewis to Lobel
David Mason Little
Salem, MA  c. 1895-1923
Liebs Silver Co.
New York, NY  1915-1931
Gabriel Lewyn (Liwyn, Lewin)
Baltimore, MD c. 1768-1780 and Philadelphia, PA  c. 1780-1790
Lipman Bros.
Toronto, ON, Canada  1940-1960s
Benjamin Lindsey (Linesey)
Providence, RI  c. 1798-1805
Albert Lamb Lincoln
Boston, MA  1838-1875
Was a member of the firm of Lincoln & Reed 1835-1844; Lincoln &
Foss 1848-1857; and Haddock, Lincoln & Foss 1857-1868.
John Lewis
Philadelphia, PA  1830-1864
Was a partner in the firm of Johnston & Lewis 1837-1842.
William Link
Newark, NJ  1871-1910
Was in the partnerships of William Link & Co. 1875-1882 and
Link & Conkling 1882-1886.  Link's business was incorporated as the
William Link Co. upon his death in 1910.
George Lindner
Philadelphia, PA  1837-1872
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Lewis to Lobel
William Coffin Little
Newburyport, MA c. 1766-1790 and
Amesbury, MA 1790-1801