Frank H. LaPierre / LaPierre Manufacturing Co.
New York, NY  c. 1886-1897 and Newark, NJ 1897-Present  
Founded by Frank H. LaPierre c. 1886; incorporated in 1896 as the LaPierre
Mfg. Co.  Makers of sterling vanity items and novelties.  Became a division of
International Silver in 1929.
Nathaniel Lang  (b. 1757  d. 1824)
Salem, MA  c. 1780
Ebenezer Knowlton Lakeman
Salem, MA 1819-1857  
In the partnership of Stevens & Lakeman with John Stevens
Lewis Ladomus / L. Ladomus & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1845-1878  
Had business of L. Ladomus & Co. 1853-1878.  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Horatio Homer Ladd / H.H. Ladd & Co.
Manchester, VT  1844-1880  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Vincent Laforme
Boston, MA  1844-1877/1893
Joined with his brother Francis J. Laforme in the firm of
Vincent Laforme & Brother 1850-1854.  After 1877 Laforme
worked as a silverplater.  Upon his death in 1893, his son
Elmer Laforme continued the plating business until 1909 when
it was bought by Hallet & Smith.
Alphonse La Paglia
Meriden, CT  
Noted designer and silversmith, he set up his shop with the assistance of International
Silver in 1952.  Upon La Paglia's sudden death in 1953, his widow continued the shop
for a short while, eventually moving it to International's facilities.  Much of the shop's
wares were purchased by Georg Jensen, and the Jensen name was added to these items.
Walter Lampl Co.
New York, NY  1921-1959  
Primarily a jewelry manufacturer, they also made some
sterling novelties.
John Lamson
Boston, MA 1816 and Baltimore, MD 1817-1818
Richard Lang
Salem, MA  1754-1809
Vincent Laforme & Brother
Boston, MA  1850-1854  
Francis Laforme and Vincent Laforme.
Jacob Ladomus
Philadelphia, PA  1843-1884
William F. Ladd
New York, NY  c. 1827-1889
Was in the partnership of Gelston, Ladd & Co. with
George S. Gelston 1839-1844.
Matthias Lamar (Lamaire)
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1782-1803
Anthony Langford, Jr.
Portsmouth, NH 1827 and Boston, MA 1835-1865  
Was a partner in the firm of T.A. Davis & Co. in 1835.
Edward Lang
Salem, MA  c. 1764-1786
Jeffrey Lang
Salem, MA  c. 1730-1758
Ladd to LaPierre
Ladd to LaPierre
1960's LaPierre Mfg. Co. Advertisement
Elisha Perkins Langworthy
Ballston Spa, NY  1795-1823  
Was in the partnership of E.P. & L.B. Langworthy 1812-1814 and then
E.P. Langworthy & Son c. 1814.
E.P. Langworthy & Son
Ballston Spa, NY  c. 1814
Ebenezer K. Lakeman 1846 Advertisement
Lane & Bros.
Clarks Mills, NY  c. 1840
David H. Lane
Gloucester, MA  c. 1855-1881
Americus Lancaster
Philadelphia, PA  1839-1858
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Tobias D. Lander
Newburgh, NY 1826-1843 and New York, NY c. 1845-1870  
In the partnerships of Jennings & Lander with Oscar Jennings
1846-1853 and Squire & Lander 1853-1855.