International Silversmiths / International Silver Co.
Meriden, CT  1898-Present  
The company was organized by the consolidation of sixteen separate
companies into one conglomerate.  Some of the companies involved were
the Meriden Britannia Co., Holmes & Edwards, and Rogers & Brother.  
International eventually acquired a large number of silver companies,
including Simpson, Hall & Miller and LaPierre Mfg. Co.  Now owned
by Lifetime Brands.  A major manufacturer of a full line of
sterling and silverplated flatware, holloware, and novelties.  
flatware patterns.
International Commonwealth Silver Co.
New York, NY  1914-1922  
Successor to International Silver Deposit Works.
J.T. Inman Co.
Attleboro, MA  1890-Present
Began as Lindsay & Inman in 1882.  Acquired many
souvenir spoon dies from the Watson Co.  Acquired by
Whiting & Davis in 1964.  Makers of sterling baby items
and novelties.  
Barton Ingraham
Providence, RI  1801-1807  
Partnered with William Greene in the firm of Ingraham & Greene
Joseph Holt Ingraham
Portland, ME  1768-1782
Irvine & Jachens, Inc.
San Francisco, CA 1926-c. 1950 and Daly City, CA c. 1950-Present  
With roots back to 1886 when J.C. Irvine set up shop, Irvine & Jachens was formed
in 1926 as a successor to the J.C. Irvine Co.  Well known emblem, badge, and buckle
Ives & Curran
Springfield, IL  1842-1847 and 1850-1854
John G. Ives and Isaac B. Curran.
1922 International Ad
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Benjamin Inman
Philadelphia, PA  1814-1819
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