c. 1880 Wm. Faber & Sons Tradecard
Farrington & Hunnewell
Boston, MA  c. 1835-1885  
Founded by John Farrington and George W. Hunnewell.
Rufus Farnam
Boston, MA  1795-1833  
Partnered with brother Henry Farnham 1800-1807.  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Henry Farnam
Boston, MA 1796-1830 and Hanover, NH c. 1833  
Joined with brother Rufus Farnham during the years 1800-1807.  Was in
the partnership of Farnham & Ward c. 1815 with Richard Ward.
Farnham & Ward
Boston, MA  1816  
A partnership between Henry Farnham and Richard Ward.
W. Faber & Sons
Philadelphia, PA 1866-1892
George Wilson Fairchild / G.W. Fairchild & Co.
Bridgeport, CT  1865-c. 1910  
Silversmith and jeweler.   Was in business as G.W. Fairchild & Co.
c. 1865-1867.  Succeeded by G.W. Fairchild & Sons c. 1890 which
continued in business until the 1960s.
Robert Fairchild
Durahm, CT 1725-1747; Stratford, CT 1747-1767; New Haven, CT 1767-1789;
and Pawling, NY 1789
James Knowlton Fellows / J.K. Fellows & Co.
Lowell, MA  c. 1832-1855  
In the partnerships of I.W. & J.K. Fellows with
Ignatius W. Fellows 1833-1837; J.K. Fellows & Co.
1847-1853; and Fellows & Ordway with Henry Ordway c. 1855
Fellows & Storm
New York, NY  1827-1829  
Lewis S. Fellows and John A. Storm.
James W. Faulkner
New York, NY  1840-1866
James Fales
Newport and Bristol, RI 1800-1829 and New Bedford, MA 1836-1856  
In the partnership of Fales & Gooding with Josiah Gooding c. 1820.  
Silversmith and instrument maker.
Artemus O. Fairchild
Wheeling, VA (now WV) 1839-1852
New York, NY  c. 1854-1855; and
Campbell, MO 1860-1870
Was in the partnership of Fairchild &
Taylor with an unknown partner in the 1840s.
Charles Farley
Portland, ME  1812-1850  
In the partnership of Wyer & Farley with
Eleazer Wyer 1814-1818.
Abraham Fellows
Montreal, QU 1806-1810; Troy, NY 1810-1835 and again 1844-1850;
New York, NY 1836-1839; Albany, NY 1841-1844; and
Buffalo, NY 1850-1861
Fahy's Watch Case Co.
Sag Harbor, NY  1881-1931  
Manufacturer of silver and gold watch cases.  Assigned a number of design patents
for flatware which were then made by Alvin.
Caleb Fairchild
Waterloo, NY  c. 1820-1870  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
William Faris  (b. 1728  d. 1804)
Annapolis, MD  1757-1804
Joseph Fairchild
New Haven, CT  1824-1837
John C. Farnsworth
Boston, MA  1843-1853  
A partner in the firm of Adams & Farnsworth 1846-1851.
John C. Farr / J.C. Farr & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1823-1858  
Worked as J.C. Farr & Co. 1837-1853.  
Later went on to become a partner in the firm
of J.E. Caldwell & Co. 1848-1856.
Fellows, Read & Olcott
New York, NY  1828-1833  
Abraham Fellows, William T.B. Read, and J. Olcott.
Fara Co.
New York, NY  c. 1960-1970
Faber to Fellows
Faber to Fellows
Fairchild & Johnson Co.
New York, NY  1898-1919
Makers of gold and sterling pens, smoking accessories, and novelties.  Succeeded
by Fairchild & Co.
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John Federhen, Jr.  (b. 1812  d. 1898)
Boston, MA  1831-1897  
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Arthur & Federhen with H.G. Arthur in 1831.
J. & J. Federhen with his brother Jacob Federhen 1834-1841.
R.H. Towle & Co. c. 1848
Wm. Perry, Jr. & Co. 1849-1851.
John Federhen & Sons with sons John Federhen III and Herbert M. Federhen 1874-1897.