James Easton, Jr.
Nantucket, MA  1828-c. 1870
Was a partner in the firm of Easton & Sanford
Moses Eastman
Savannah, GA  1826-1850  
Was a partner in the firm of J. Penfield & Co. in 1826-1828.  Upon
Josiah Penfield's death in 1828, Eastman continued the business under
his own name.
Eastern Sterling Co.
New York, NY  1940s-Present  
Makers of sterling Judaica.
Easterling Co.
Chicago, IL  1944-1974
Sold six sterling flatware patterns direct to the consumer; the
patterns were made by Gorham.  See
flatware patterns.
Eastwood-Park Co.
Newark, NJ  1888-c. 1922  
Makers of sterling vanity and novelty items and a small amount of flatware
and holloware.
Eaton, Gordon & Bogert
Newburgh, NY  1856-1860  
William R. Eaton, John Gordon, and William Bogert.  Produced goods for
Ball, Black & Co.  When Eaton retired in 1860, and the company was renamed
Gordon & Bogert.
Anna Eicher
Park Ridge, IL  c. 1900-1925  
Maker of quality handwrought Arts & Crafts holloware, flatware, and
other small items.
Easton & Sanford
Nantucket, MA  1830-1838  
James Easton, Jr. and Frederick C. Sanford.
John Edwards  (b. 1671  d. 1746)
Boston, MA  c. 1694-1746  
In the partnership of Allen & Edwards with John Allen c. 1694-1702.
Seth Eastman
Concord, NH  1826-1880  
Was a partner with Robert Davis in the firm of Robert Davis & Co. 1826-1828.
Joseph Edwards, Jr.  (b. 1737  d. 1783)
Boston, MA  c. 1758-1783
M. Eisenstadt Jewelery Co.
St. Louis, MO  1864-1981  
Went by Eisenstadt Mfg. Co. from 1904 through the 1940s.
Eagle Sterling Co.
Glastonbury, CT  1894-1904  
Successor to W.L. & H.E. Pitkin.
Ebenezer Eastman
Danville, VT  c. 1829-1850
Samuel Edwards
Boston, MA  1726-1762
J.T. Edwards & Co.
Chicago, IL  1847-1849
Electric Chain Co. of Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada  1916-c. 1950  
Manufacturing jeweler, also made souvenir spoons.  Not the same company as the
Electric Chain Co. of Attleboro, MA.
See Electric Chain Co. of Canada
Eagle to Eleder
Electrolytic Art Metal Co.
Trenton, NJ  c. 1909-1920  
Makers of silver overlay products.
Thomas Edwards
Boston, MA  c. 1721-1755
Eckfeldt & Ackley
New York, NY  1896-c. 1937  
Manufacturer of jewelry and novelties.
Isaiah Eaton
Walpole, NH 1793-1803 and Westminster, VT 1803-1840  
Went into partnership with Benjamin Kindrick as the firm of Eaton & Kindrick
Benjamin Franklin Edmunds
Manchester, NH c. 1850-1856; Boston, MA 1856-1861; and
New York, NY c. 1867-1874
Eamco   See Electrolytic Art Metal Co.
1913 Electorlytic Art Metal Co. Advertisement
Robert W. Edwards
San Francisco and Oakland, CA  c. 1770-1898
Eaves & Nye
Sacramento, CA  c. 1857-1862 and
Virginia City, NV 1862-1865
William T. Eaves and Emanuel Nye.  
James Benton Eaton  (d. 1829)
Boston, MA  1805-1809
Louis C. Eisenschmidt (Eisensmith)
Newport, KY  1887-c. 1920
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Eagle to Eleder
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Eleder-Hickok Co.  See Lebkuecher & Co.  
Charles Eugene Eckel
Georgetown, DC  c. 1813-1851