Adelphi Silver Plate Co.
New York, NY  1890-c. 1912
Makers of sterling and silverplated holloware.  
Adams & Shaw
New York NY 1876-1878 and Newark, NJ  1878-1880  
Founded by Caleb Cushing Adams and Thomas Shaw as a successor to Thomas
Shaw & Co.  Acquired the dies of John R. Wendt & Co.  Makers of sterling and
plated wares, including silverplated items for Tiffany & Co.  The company was acquired
by Dominick & Haff in 1880.
Ahrendt & Kautzmann
Newark, NJ  c. 1913-1915  
Made sterling holloware items for Brand-Chatillon, a New York City retailer.
Paul Adler
California  c. 1945
Maker of modern sterling handwrought flatware.  The RELDA logo is Adler spelled
Allan Adler
Los Angeles, CA  1939-Present  
Known as the "silversmith to the stars" due to his large number of Hollywood
celebrity clients.  Maker of sterling flatware, holloware, jewelry, and miscellaneous
items.  Adler died in 2002, and his shop continues to make sterling handcrafted goods
in Costa Mesa, CA.  
Website.  See flatware patterns.
1897 Aikin, Lambert & Co. Ad
Aikin, Lambert & Co.
New York, NY  1867-c. 1931  
Founded by James C. Aikin and Henry A. Lambert.  Began as jewelers and became
a well known gold and silver pen manufacturer, also making small sterling novelties.
Acquired by The L.E. Waterman Co. in 1902 and the name was changed to the
Aiken-Lambert Co.
Acme Silver Company
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  1885-1893
John W. Abbott, Jr. (Abbot)
Portsmouth, NH  1817-1850
Changed name from Abbot to Abbott in 1828.
John Sullivan Abbott
Montpelier, VT 1838-1853; Bethel, ME 1858-1860; and Conneaut, OH c. 1864-1874
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
John Adam
Alexandria, VA  1796-1848  
Top two marks shown also used by father James Adam above.
Robert F. Adair
Maysville, KY  1859-1861
James Adam
Alexandria, VA  c. 1775-1798  
Marks shown also used by son John Adam.
William Adams
New York, NY 1829-1861
In the partnership of Adams & Kidney with Edmund Kidney
in 1851-1861.  Importer of Sheffield silverplate and maker of antique English sterling
Albert F. Adams
Nashua, NH  1857-1872  
Worked with his son Albert F. Adams as A. Adams & Son c. 1867.  Went
into the dry goods business in 1872.
John Aitken (Aiken)
Philadelphia, PA  1780-1813
Abbott to Aitken
Adams & Buttre
Elmira, NY  c. 1836
Henry B. Adams and Nathaniel Buttre
Adams & Farnsworth
Boston, MA  1846-1851  
George Edward Adams and John C. Farnsworth.  
Successor to A.L. Dennison, Adams & Co.
Silversmiths and jewelers.
William Wallace Adam
Alexandria, VA  c. 1831-1877
Was in the partnership of W.W. Adam & Son with son Charles F. Adam 1875-1877.
George Edward Adams
Boston, MA  c. 1843-1875
Was in the parntership of Dennison, Adams & Co. with Aaron L.
Dennison and John C. Farnsworth 1843-1846 and then Adams & Farnsworth
with John C. Farnsworth 1846-1848.
Abbott to Aitken
Charles Platt Adriance
Richmond, VA 1816-1831 and Poughkeepsie, NY 1831
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Nathan Adams
Andover, MA 1784; Wiscasset, ME c. 1785; Hallowell, ME 1795-1796;
Wiscasset, ME 1803-1810; Edgecomb, ME 1810-1813; and Boston, MA 1825
George Aiken
Baltimore, MD  1785-1823  
In the partnership of Aiken & Brown 1807-1808.