Special Metal
See Homan Manufacturing Co.
W.D. Smith Silver Co.
Chicago, IL  1913-1935
Stevens Silver Co.
Portland, ME  1893-1899  
Succeeded by the Colonial Silver Co.
Southington Cutlery Co.
Southington, CT  1867-1908  
This firm began as a cutlery manufacturer, with hardware
being added a short time later.  The manufacture of
silverplate and Britannia ware began in the mid-1880s
until 1892.  In that year it was decided to split out that
department and form the Southington Silver Plate Co., which was
purchased a week later by the Meriden Britannia Co. and moved to  
Meriden, CT.  Cutlery manufacturing ceased in 1905 and the business
became the Southington Hardware Co. in 1908.
E.H.H. Smith Silver Co.
Chicago, IL  1902-1918
The firm went into receivership in 1918 and
was acquired by Albert Pick & Co. in 1919.
flatware patterns.
Lawrence B. Smith Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
Superior Silver Co. / Superior Silver Plate Co.
Trademarks of the Middletown Plate Co.
S. Sternau & Co.
Brooklyn, NY and New York, NY  1887-c. 1920  
Primarily known as chafing dish and tea kettle
makers; best remembered for where the brand
name Sterno originated.
Theodore B. Starr
Listed under Silversmiths.
Stratford Plate / Stratford Silver Co. / Stratford Silver Plate Co.
Initially trademarks of Holmes & Edwards for their inexpensive
line of flatware, the trademarks became part of International
Silver in 1898.  See
flatware patterns.
Smith & Feltman
Albany, NY  1849-1853  Succeeded by Smith & Co.
A trademark of Gorham.
Standard Silver Co. of Toronto
Toronto, ON  1893-1931  
Became part of International
Silver in 1912.
Sterling Plate B
A trademark of the Bristol Brass & Clock Co.
flatware patterns.
James H. Stimpson
Baltimore, MD  1851-1868
R. Strickland & Co.
Albany, NY  1857-1884
flatware patterns.
St. Louis to Simpson
Smith to Superior
Smith to Superior
St. Louis to Simpson
Smith to Superior
Smith to Superior
Star Cutlery Co.
Newark, NJ  1897-1950s  A division of the Elgin-American Manufacturing Co.
Solid Yukon Silver
A trademark of the Raymond Mfg. Co. of  Muncie, IN.
In business c. 1900 - 1920  See
flatware patterns.
Springfield Silver Plate Co.
Springfield, MA  1868-1872
Standard Silver Ware Co.
Boston, MA  c. 1884-1921
flatware patterns.
Stevens, Woodman & Co.
Portland, ME  1890-1893
Succeeded by the Woodman-Cook Co.
1912 S. Sternau & Co. Ad
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Studio Silversmiths
Hawthorne, NJ  1950-c. 1980
Stevens, Smart & Dunham
Portland, ME  1883-1887
Silverplate Marks
Stix & L'Allemand
New York, NY  1889-1893
Henry Stix and Ernest A. L'Allemand.
Succeeded by the L'Allemand Mfg. Co.