Henry Sears & Son
Chicago, IL  1883-1959  Cutlery and hardware manufacturers.
The 1865 was added to their mark in 1897.
Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Sheridan Silver Co.
Taunton, MA  1946-Present
Sheffield Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1908-1950 and
Norton, MA  1950-Present
Became a division of Reed & Barton
in 1974.
St. Louis Silver Plate Co. / St. Louis Silver Co.
St. Louis, MO  1893-1912  Began as the St. Louis Silver Plate Co.
and changed names to the St. Louis Silver Co. in 1904.
A trademark of Farber Bros.
Silverfild Co.
Muncie, IN  c. 1911-1924
Simmons Hardware Co.
St. Louis, MO  1874-1940  Founded by Edward C Simmons.  
Simmons originally joined the firm of Wilson, Levering & Waters,
and through a series of partnership changes the company became the
firm of E.C. Simmons & Co. in 1870.  It was incorporated as the
Simmons Hardware Co. in 1874.  Major manufacturer of tools, cutlery,
and a wide variety of goods including flatware and holloware.  Acquired by
the Shapleigh Hardware Co. in 1940.  See
flatware patterns.
E.C. Simmons
A trademark of the Simmons Hardware Co.  See flatware patterns.
Salem Silver Plate
A trademark of Sears, Roebuck & Co., first used in 1914, for flatware
made by various manufacturers.  See
flatware patterns.
A trademark for a white silver alloy (not silverplate) made c. 1900-1912
by the Bristol Silver Co.
Sherwood Pure Silver Plate
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Simpson Nickel Silver Co.
Wallingford, CT  1871-1898  
Shapleigh Hardware Co.
St. Louis, MO  1848-1940  With roots back to 1848.  Successor
to the A.F. Shapleigh Hardware Co.  Acquired by Simmons
Hardware Co. in 1940.
Sheets-Rockford Silver Plate Co.
Rockford, IL  1925-1956  
Successor to the Rockford Silver Plate Co.
1891 Simpson, Hall & Miller Ad
1969 Sheridan Silver Co. Catalog
St. Louis to Simpson
Sharon Plate / Sharon Silverplate
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.  See flatware patterns.
Silver Metal Mfg. Co. (I)
Cleveland, OH  1884-c. 1889  See flatware patterns.
Silver Metal Mfg. Co. (II)
Lyons, NY 1892 and Oswego, NY 1892-1897
W. & E. Schmidt
Milwaukee, WI  1880-c. 1948
Makers of ecclesiastic goods.  Incorporated c. 1898 as the W. & E. Schmidt Co.  
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St. Louis to Simpson
Silver City Plate Co.
Meriden, CT  1895-1907
Silverplate Marks