F.B. Rogers Silver Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
Rogers Cutlery Co.
Hartford, CT  1871-1940s  Consolidated with the Wm.
to form International Silver in 1898.  See
flatware patterns.
C. Rogers & Bros.
Meriden, CT  1866-1903  Founded by Cephas B. Rogers,
Gilbert Rogers, and Wilbur F. Rogers.  Acquired by
International Silver.  See
flatware patterns.
Rogers & Bro.
Waterbury, CT  1858-c. 1976  Holloware production
began c. 1874.  One of the founding companies that
formed International Silver in 1898.  Originally, goods
marked with R&B were considered second quality,
selling for less  than their premium grade counterparts.  
The Rogers & Bro. line was discontinued around 1976.
flatware patterns.
Rogers Bros. Manufacturing Co.
Hartford, CT  1853-1861  
Became a part of Rogers, Smith & Co. in 1861.
Rogers & Hamilton
Waterbury, CT  1886-c. 1920  Successor to Holmes, Booth &
Haydens.  Became a part of International
Silver in 1898.  See
flatware patterns.
Rogers, Smith & Co.
Hartford, CT 1857-1862; New Haven, CT 1862-1877;
and Meriden, CT 1877-1898   
Founded by William Rogers and
George Smith.  Acquired by the
Meriden Britannia Co. in 1862
and moved to New Haven.  
Became a part of International
Silver in 1898.  
flatware patterns.
1897 Rogers, Smith & Co. Ad
c. 1880 Rogers & Brother Trade Card
Rogers & Brittin Silver Co.
Bridgeport, CT  1880-1882  Succeeded by Holmes & Edwards.  
flatware patterns.
Rogers & Wood Co.
Northampton, MA  1900-1901  
Sold to Wm. A. Rogers in 1901.  See
flatware patterns.
Rogers Silver Plate Co. (I)
Danbury, CT  c. 1887-1928  
Manufacturers of silverplate novelties.
Rogers Silver Plate Co. (II)
New York, NY  c. 1880-1890  A company formed
to sell flatware made by R. Strickland & Co.  
Rodgers to Rogers
Rodgers to Rogers
G. Rodgers
A trademark of the Standard Silver Co. of Toronto.  
flatware patterns.
C.B. Rogers & Co.
A trademark of C. Rogers & Bros.
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1847 Rogers Bros.
A trademark of the Meriden Britannia Co. 1862-1898 and
then International Silver 1898-1990s.    
flatware patterns.
Silverplate Marks