Knickerbocker Silver Co.
Port Jervis, NY  1894-1962  Successor to J.A. Babcock & Co. as
the Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co.  Changed names to the
Knickerbocker Silver Co. by 1897.  Succeeded by the Crescent
Silverware Manufacturing Co. in 1962.
Klever Kraft
A trademark of the American Ring Co. of Waterbury, CT,
from 1914 to c. 1920.
Keen Kutter
Originally a trademark of the Simmons Hardware Co. and subsequently
owned by a series of different companies.  The age of an item can roughly
be determined by the name of the company written above the Keen Kutter logo.  
1866 - 1940
1940 - 1960
c. 1962 - 1990s
E.C. Simmons
Blank (on pocket knives)
Simmons Hardware Co.
Shapleigh Hardware Co.
Val-Test Distributors
Frost Cutlery Co.
Ernest Kaufmann
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1855-1870
Keystone Silver Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
1917 Klever Kraft Advertisement
King Edward Silverplate
A trademark of the National Silver Co.
Kronheimer Oldenbusch Co.
New York, NY  1909-1942
Kensington Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.
flatware patterns.
Kann & Sons / Kann & Sons Mfg. Co.
Baltimore, MD  1870-1898  Organized as the Kann & Sons Mfg. Co. in 1885.
Succeeded by the Kann Bros. Silver Co. in 1898.
Kottle Cutlery Co.
A trademark of the Continental Mfg. Co. for cutlery goods.
King's Plate
A trademark brand of the McGlashan-Clarke Co., Ltd.
Fred Kuehne
New York, NY  1879-1929
Kann Bros. Silver Co.
Baltimore, MD  1898-1913
Successors to the Kann & Sons Mfg. Co.
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Silverplate Marks
Kirk-Stieff Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
See silverplate
flatware patterns.