Empire Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1890-1909  
Succeeded by the Benedict Manufacturing Co.
Eureka Silver Co.
A trademark brand of the Meriden Silver Plate Co.
English Silver Mfg. Corp.
Brooklyn, NY  1952-c. 1990
Ellis-Barker Silver Companies
Birmingham, England  1931-Present  Known as Barker-Ellis in the
United States.  Now a division of Towle Silversmiths.  The marks
shown have been used since 1912.
Eastern Silver Co.
A trademark of the American Silver Co. and later
International Silver.  See
flatware patterns.
Evans Case Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
1972 Ellis-Barker Advertisement
Empire Silver Plate Co.
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1896-1931
Extra Coin Silver Plate
Made by Wm. A. Rogers Ltd., this line of flatware was considered their
cheapest grade.  It was plated with coin silver (.900 fine) instead of pure silver
(.999 fine) like most silverplate.  See
flatware patterns.
Elmo Pure Silver Plate
A trade name of Wallace Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Elmwood Silver Plate
A trade name of Gorham.  See flatware patterns.
Eton Silver, Inc.
Glendale, NY  1960s-1970s
Essex Silver Co.
A trade name of the Wallingford Co.
Eagle Silver Co.
Providence, RI  1922-1953
Elgin American Mfg Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.  See flatware patterns.
Embassy Silver Plate
A trade name of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Eastern Carolina Silver Co.
Hartsville, SC  1907-1909
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Silverplate Marks
Empire Art Silver
Listed under Silversmiths.