Buck Silver Company
Salamanca, NY  1906-1914  
Succeeded by the Buck Plating Co.
J.S. & E. Bromley
New Haven, CT  c. 1848-1862
Brothers John S. and Edward Bromley.
Brooklyn Silver Plate Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1890s
Brown & Bros.
Waterbury, CT  1851-1886  Brass, copper, and German
silver manufacturer.  Began making silverplated flatware
in 1874.  Went out of business in Jan., 1886.
Brun-Mill Co.
Pittsfield, IL  1919-c. 1930
Branford Silver Plate
A trade name of International Silver.
flatware patterns.
Bridgeport Silver Co. (II)
A trade name of Holmes & Edwards.  Goods with this
name were described as "half plate".  See
flatware patterns.
Black, Starr & Frost
Listed under Silversmiths.
Bristol Brass & Clock Co.
Bristol, CT  1850-1903
Started in business in 1850 making brass lamp
works and clocks.  Acquired Holmes & Tuttle in 1857.
Established the American Silver Co. in 1901 as a successor
firm to Holmes & Tuttle.  Late 1890s Holmes & Tuttle patterns sometimes carry the Bristol Brass & Clock
Co. backstamp.  See
flatware patterns.
Luther Boardman & Son
East Haddam, CT  1864-1905  See flatware patterns.
Blackstone Silver Co.
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1927-1943
flatware patterns.
H. Boker & Co.
New York, NY  1837-Present  Primarily a cutlery manufacturer,
they now exclusively produce knives.
Bouquet Plate / Bouquet Silver Plate
A trademark of the Rogers Cutlery Co., which became part
of International Silver in 1898.  See
flatware patterns.
Bride Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Bridgeport Silver Co. (I)
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1880-1884
Bristol Plate Co.
A trade name of the Pairpoint Mfg. Co.
W. & S. Blackinton Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
B.S. Company
A part of Holmes & Edwards, which became part of International
Silver in 1898. See
flatware patterns.
Black to Buck
Black to Buck
Bristol Silver Co.
Attleboro, MA  c. 1912-1913
Bridgeport Silver Plate Co.
Bridgeport, CT 1887-1898 and Lambert's Point, VA 1898-1900
Brooklyn Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1870s
Boston Silver Co. (I)
Boston, MA  c. 1881-1884
Factory in Bridgeport, CT.
Boston Silver Co. (II)
Toronto, ON  c. 1898
A line of goods manufactured by the Standard Silver Plate Co. for the T. Eaton Co.  
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Britannia Metal Co.
A trade name of the Van Bergh Silver Plate Co.
Silverplate Marks
Brainard & Wilson Corp.
Danbury, CT  1902-1915
Silverplate and art metal goods manufacturers.
Brown & Russell
Boston, MA  1863-c. 1866; 1868-1871