Birmingham Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY and Yalesville, CT  c. 1957-Present    Successor to Goldfeder
Silverware Co.
Biggins-Rodgers Co.
Wallingford, CT  1894-1915  Succeeded by the Dowd-Rodgers Co.
Bennett-Merwin Silver Co.
New Milford, CT  c. 1913
C.B. Barker Mfg. Co. / C.E. Barker Mfg. Co.
New York, NY  c. 1896-1915  See flatware patterns.
Barbour Silver Co.
Hartford, CT 1892-1899 and Meriden, CT 1899-1943
Became a division of International Silver in 1898.  The
half circle mark at the lower right was first used in 1921.
Benedict Manufacturing Co.
East Syracuse, NY  1894-1953
Founded by Mainor Stuart Benedict as the
M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co.  Incorporated in
1902 as the Benedict Mfg. Co. and
reorganized in 1906 as the
T.N. Benedict Mfg. Co.
flatware patterns.
M.S. Benedict Mfg. Co.
East Syracuse, NY  1894-1902  See Benedict Manufacturing Co.
Beacon Silver Co. / Beacon Silver Plate
Trademarks of F.B. Rogers Silver Co.
flatware patterns.
Samuel E. Bernstein
New York, NY  1890-1903  Succeeded by the National Silver Company
who continued to use the S.E.B. mark.  See
flatware patterns.
Barker Bros. Silver Co.
Birmingham, England  1886-1931
The New York branch was opened in 1897.  The name was changed to Ellis-Barker in 1931
upon acquisition of the Ellis Silver Co.  The mark to the right was used beginning in 1934.
Coming Soon
Barbour Bros. Co.
Hartford, CT  c. 1881-1892  Brothers Samuel L. and
Charles Barbour.  Succeeded by the Barbour Silver Co.
Bancroft, Redfield & Rice
New York, NY  1856-1863  
William Bancroft, James H. Redfield and James Rice.
Birks / Henry Birks & Sons
Listed under Silversmiths.
Benedict-Proctor Mfg. Co.
Founded c. 1910.  A division of the
Benedict Manufacturing Co.
J.A. Babcock & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1861-1894  
Succeeded by the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co.
Babcock to Birmingham
Babcock to Birmingham
J.D. Bergen Co.
Meriden, CT and Brooklyn, NY  1886-c. 1913  Primarily cut glass
E. & J. Bass
New York, NY  c. 1895-c. 1930
W.B. Belknap Co. / 1840 W.B. Belknap
Louisville, KY  A hardware company founded by William B. Belknap
in 1840.  The W.B. Belknap Co. name was used 1880-1907; silver
with this backstamp is believed to have been made by Williams Bros.  
flatware patterns.
L. Barth & Son
New York, NY  1900-1926
Business founded by Leopold Barth in 1868.  
His son Harry was added to the firm to become L. Barth & Son c. 1900.  Merged with the Albert Pick Co. to
become the Albert Pick-L. Barth Co. 1926-1931.
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Silverplate Marks
Biggs Antique Co.
Richmond, VA  c. 1909-1990s
Makers of antique reproduction goods.