Albert Lorsch & Co.

New York, NY  1885-1925
Providence, RI  (office)

Founded by
Albert Lorsch and Alfred Krower.

Manufacturing jewelers and diamond merchants.

Incoporated in 1912.

Feb., 1885, The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review:
Albert Lorsch announces that he has admitted to partnership in his business Alfred Krower, who has been many
years associated with his house.

Nov., 1886,
The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review:
Albert Lorsch & Co. have purchased the entire stock of imitation and semi-imitation stones of Victor Bishop & Co.

Nov. 21, 1894,
The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review:
Albert Lorsch & Co., 37 Maiden Lane, New York, and Providence, R.I., will on Jan. 1st give up their jewelry line
and devote themselves wholly to their precious stone business, the latter having increased until it now requires
their undivided attention.  The firm will, therefore, immediately begin to close out their entire stock of jewelry.

June 12, 1895,
The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review:
While a sapphire was being examined at a front window of the office of Albert Lorsch & Co., 35 Maiden Lane, it
slipped from the hand of the examiner and fell into Maiden Lane.  The search for the stone in the muddy street
caused much excitement.  The sapphire, which was worth about $50, was recovered.

Dec., 1902,
The Keystone:
Albert Lorsch & Co. have become established in new quarters in a recently-erected building at 131 Washington
Street, Providence.  Here they occupy a floor space of 50x112 feet, which provides ample private office, show
room, stock room, packing room, etc.  The premises are replete with
all the latest and most improved facilities and equipment.

Jan. 26, 1912,
The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY):
Albert Lorsch & Co. Incorporated
Albany -- Albert Lorsch & Co., of New York, have been incorporated
with $1,100,000 capitalization.  Walter A. Hirsch, Rudolph A.
Deligman and Henry F. Mela, all of New York, are the incorporators.

1889 Providence Dir.:  (shown)

Directory listings:
1889 New York Dir.:  listed under Jewelry Manufacturers, 37 Maiden Lane, New York, NY
1922 New York Dir.:  listed as precious stones, 37 Maiden Lane, New York, NY
1889 Providence Dir. Ad