Maurice Wendell  (d. 1922)

Chicago, IL  1879-1922

Manufacturing jeweler.

Partnerships and corporations:
Charles Wendell & Sons 1879-1881.
Charles Wendell's Sons 1881-1883.
Aurora Watch Co., treasurer, 1883-1884.
Wendell & Co. 1885-1922.
Wendell Mfg. Co., president, 1890-1900 (concurrent).

July 19, 1922, The Jewelers' Circular:
Death of Maurice Wendell
Head of the Firm of Wendell & Co. Passes Away in Chicago

Word was received in New York several days ago that Maurice Wendell, head of the firm of Wendell & Co.,
25 W. 45th St., died in Chicago on Tuesday, July 11.

Mr. Wendell had been ailing since last March, but his death was wholly unexpected and came as a shock to his
many friends in the trade.

The funeral services were held in the Rose Hill Chapel, Chicago, last Thursday morning, after which the body was
laid at rest in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Mr. Wendell was about 65 years old and devoted much of his time ot visiting his establishments in Chicago, New
York and Kansas City.

Maurice Wendell originally started in business as a member of C. Wendell & Son [sic] in the 80's.  Later he left
them and became manager for the Aurora Watch Co., and in 1890 organized the Wendell Mfg. Co., Inc., under the
laws of Illinois.  Late in 1894, the corporation of Wendell Mfg. Co. was permitted to lapse, and a firm composed of
Maurice Wendell and David S. Simon took over the business.  In Feb., 1900, Mr. Simon withdrew, Mr. Wendell
taking over the effects individually.  Up to that time, a business in both jewelry and manufacturing silverware was
done, but the latter was discontinued.  The business was thereafter conducted by Mr. Wendell alone until March,
1903, when the present corporation was organized under the Illinois laws.  In Feb., 1909, the company moved to its
present quarters at 337 W. Madison St., Chicago.  While the company's home office is in Chicago, it has for a
number of years conducted a branch office in New York, and about May 1, 1913, opened another branch office in
Kansas City, Mo.